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Yoga@Yogis Limited

Private and small-group settings may also feel less intimidating and more relaxing than walking into a large class, and because there are fewer distractions, you can deepen your focus and concentrate on your own experience.



Group yoga classes bring people together through movement and breath, building shared energy that you just don't get when you're practicing alone. You log into your online yoga class as an individual but your log out as part of a thriving community.


Mass-market yoga classes often skim through the basics and don’t provide enough groundwork for new yogis. Those who prefer not to practice in large groups feel a little out of place, too.


If you’re one of them, you should consider taking private yoga classes instead. Private yoga classes allow you to work on the poses and stretches that make sense for you on your schedule and at your own pace. These private sessions allow you to ease into yoga in a safer manner, with proper alignment and a clear focus on your goals and needs.

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RYT200 Teacher Training Course 

Our TTC deepens your practice and enhances your understanding of poses from the inside out and experience them in new and interesting ways.


You can learn yoga anatomy, alignment and key actions, modifications and hands on adjustments. We focus on you – teacher training is an investment in you; your health, and your growth.


Out door Yoga 

Practicing yoga in a new environment can build confidence.

It is easy to feel self-conscious when you're used to practicing in a set environment. While familiarity brings security, stepping outside your comfort zone opens a gateway to an entirely new interpretation of your yoga practice.




In a workshop, you can ask questions and benefit from targeted assistance  and advice.

"Backbending" and "Inversion" often interest Yoga practitioners yet they often find it intimidating because one can easily injure themselves without proper knowledge of the poses. Our workshops ensure safety comes as well as knowledge, and for sure, sense of achievement.

Corporate Yoga


Incorporating yoga into your employees' lives can improve their mental and physical health.


The poses of yoga can help reduce physical pain, workplace stress and also decrease absenteeism. With energy levels increased, your employees will be more productive and motivated to work.

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