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Basic Vinyasa Yoga

As a beginner to yoga, you’ll learn how to do a vinyasa during your first class. The vinyasa is basically a movement between poses. A vinyasa can be modified if you are just starting out, experiencing an injury, or even if you’re an experienced yogi

  • Wednesday  17:45

  • Wednesday  20:00

  • Thursday      19:00

  • Saturday       09:00

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a dynamic style that uses a progressive series of postures accompanied by breathing exercises. One movement flows into the next in a calm rhythm. The word “vinyasa” means breath synchronized by movementoften called “vinyasa flow” because the poses flow together with the in and out of the breath.

  • Friday           12:30

  • Saturday       15:00

Vinyasa for Core

A challenging Vinyasa class that blends core strengthening exercises and yoga. Core flow is a great class to assist in building the strength required for the progression of your more advanced Vinyasa practice. It is recommended that you have previous experience practicing Vinyasa.

  • Wednesday 19:00

  • Saturday 10:30

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