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include learning foundational principles and techniques, building core strength, improving body awareness, enhancing flexibility, developing proper alignment and posture, gaining confidence in performing Pilates exercises correctly, and laying a solid groundwork for future progress in Pilates practice.

Introduction and Basic Principles


Day 1 (90mins)


- Introduction to Pilates and its benefits

  - Understanding core principles: breathing, concentration, control, precision, and flow

- **Activities:**

  - Breathing techniques

  - Introduction to basic Pilates exercises for core strength


Core Strengthening

Day 2 (90mins)


- Focus on core muscles and stability

  - Introduction to more advanced exercises for beginners

- **Activities:**

  - Pelvic tilts and bridges

  - Leg circles and single-leg stretches


Flexibility and Posture

Day 3 (90mins)


- Improving flexibility and alignment

  - Understanding proper posture during exercises

- **Activities:**

  - Spine stretches and twists

  - Shoulder bridges and hip openers


Full Body Integration


Day 4 (90mins)

- Integrating core strength, flexibility, and balance

  - Putting together all learned exercises for a full-body workout

- **Activities:**

  - Full-body Pilates workout routine

  - Cool down and relaxation techniques

Let's Work Together

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