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Image by Kaylee Garrett


Mon 19:30 - Jack

Sun  14:00 - Rachel

yoga wheel is a circular shaped prop that helps open the front side body, assists in advanced yoga postures, and rolls out the spine.


Basically – it’s the bomb.


The Why:

At first glance, it can be hard to imagine why anyone would spend over $100 on a wooden wheel that you roll around on. I was in that same boat too, until I actually tried the damn thing.


And here’s why:


  • The yoga wheel will immediately stretch your entire front side body – hip flexors, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. It’s a serious heart opener!

  • It will massage the entire length of your spine in a safe but deep way.

  • The wheel helps yoga practitioners move deeper into postures, specifically heart opening postures like backbends and forearm balances.

LRG__DSC8908 3.JPG
Deep Backbend

Full Camal

LRG__DSC8891 3.JPG

Front Split

LRG__DSC8882 4.JPG
Lower back Pain

Wide Leg Split

LRG__DSC8894 4.JPG
Improve Balance

Side Angle 

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